About Oaklo

Oaklo is an app and website that allows users to anonymously ask for recommendations, recommend pros and hire people for services.
Businesses and pros have the opportunity to sign up and create their own profiles. In addition, users can also add pros and businesses to Oaklo by recommending them using the @sign in the comments of another user's post. The recommended pros can then login and claim their profile.

Pros, Ratings, and Reviews

No. For now users are not able to save their reviews or posts as drafts, as we encourage users to upload questions, recommendations, or reviews as soon as they occur.
To ensure that reviews are coming from a legitimate source, ALL users must log into Oaklo before leaving reviews

Pro Certification and Screening

You can visit a pro’s profile to see if they have any licenses or insurances linked.

Oaklo Support

Contact the Oaklo support team and we will do our best to assist you in anyway possible
There is live chat support available at Oaklo.com
No, all the information you provide to Oaklo is secure.
For emails, select "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of any emails you receive. For texts, type "STOP".

Site Tools and Displays

They are recommended in order of their ratings.
For now, Pros are not allowed to advertise on Oaklo. We encourage users to recommend pros to each other instead of relying on promotions